Агломератор полимерных материалов
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Agglomerators of polymeric materials

Agglomerators of polymeric materials

An agglomerator is one of the main types of equipment for processing waste of thin-walled materials that performs an agglomeration operation - a process in which an agglomerate is obtained from a relatively thin raw material of film waste occupying a large volume.

 Agglomerate is dense balls of irregular shape used as an independent secondary raw material for injection molding on thermoplastic machines, and in a mixture with primary raw materials for further processing, including extrusion.

In this group you will find various models of agglomerators: rotary and twin-rotor, of various power and performance.

Rotary agglomerators
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Designed for waste processing: - LDPE films without preliminary crushing; - Films of HDPE, PP, Stretch (LPVD), polypropylene burlap, wet waste of polymeric films that have been washed without thermal drying unit, etc. - They are used as a high - speed mixer for the preparation of composite...
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