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Secondary raw materials

Secondary raw materials

Recycling is one of the most demanded and relevant areas today, and we are not standing still - in the near future we plan to independently engage in the processing of solid waste. We have sufficient experience in this direction, gained in the production of waste recycling equipment, and we plan to further improve the technology of harvesting and processing of recyclable materials. Today we are already purchasing waste polymers for subsequent processing: waste polypropylene, PVC, used stretch film, LDPE, HDPE, plastic scrap, scrap, polymer trimmings, etc. Our goal is to take a worthy place in this area and implement the knowledge gained on practice.

Here you will find information about the recyclable materials purchased and processed by our company. More details in the product descriptions.

Foam polystyrene crumb
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40 BYN
Expanded polystyrene chips externally look like solid or crushed white balls measuring 2 - 5 mm. Due to its many specific properties, this material is widely used in industry: for the preparation of polystyrene concrete of various density; as a heat, sound insulating material when backfilling...
Group: Вторичное сырье


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